Our values


With instruction in English, we welcome all people interested in yoga and wellness from every ability level, representing all seasons of life.


Our dedicated team offers a variety of classes to suit your needs. We are invested in  your personal growth and progress, providing expertise in various wellness domains: chair yoga, yoga nidra, restorative yoga, and gong baths, to name a few. We believe in the potential and growth of all clients based on our experience as classroom teachers who have worked with a diverse range of students. We love yoga and we love teaching!


We offer  more than just yoga classes. We guide meditation sessions and dig deep into mindfulness/wellness modalities for abundant living,  fostering community and connection with like-minded souls.

Our Mission

We like to think that we’re different from what other studios offer because we are a women-operated small business bringing both classroom expertise and yoga experience to Mimi’s Yoga Studio. We are more than just yoga; we value mindfulness a holistic approach for abundant living. 

We are invested in helping you to live authentically, with an open mind/heart as we support each other on a wellness journey together. As classroom teachers, we know how to track your progress, how to motivate you and how to set the bar high for your personal growth. At Mimi’s Yoga, we pride ourselves on being welcoming and inclusive, inviting people of all shapes/sizes and ability levels. We also believe in the power of mindfulness to build resilience and strong mental health. We celebrate body positivity and becoming the best version of you.

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