Team : A Yoga Journey

I came to yoga from a back injury and I vividly remember doing “legs up the wall” my first class. Instant relief. And that was it: I fell in love with yoga. Ever since that serendipitous day, I’ve mapped out a yoga footprint around the world including everything from hot yoga to yoga nidra during my journey as a classroom teacher in international schools. That means I saw what worked, what didn’t and what was just…meh. I felt a passion and turned that passion into a mission to give clients what I wanted in every class – a dreamy studio experience.

The vision for Mimi’s Yoga is based on what I saw in studios firsthand, having lived and worked in the Middle East, Mexico, the UK and Portugal. I’ve been to yoga studios everywhere from Los Angeles to Dublin. And like a child’s favorite blanket, my yoga mat is never far from me. Why? There’s always a blissful “Ahhhh” moment for me that comes from combining movement and breath that I find you don’t quite get from other workouts. And I have always enjoyed that amazing feeling in both body and mind after a yoga class – like wringing out a towel (somatically and untangling busy thoughts)  – while leaving the studio knowing that I stretched and breathed and stretched again (even more).

I’ve seen the benefits of yoga firsthand as someone who lives with back/shoulder/neck challenges stemming from an accident years ago. I want to share that empowering feeling from yoga  with others to promote wellbeing. Wellness is a buzzword these days. But for me, it’s a mantra. And I get there through motivating, inspiring and energizing yet calming yoga classes. 

I am well. May you be well. May all beings thrive and be well. Please join me on this yoga journey, offering you the best of yoga in Cascais – a new point of light in a yoga footprint in Portugal.


See you on the mat!
Allyson (Co-Director)

My personal yoga journey started 25 years ago. I was forever inspired by the teacher who had suffered and recovered from a major back injury. Following the first class, I realized that yoga was more than just physical. It had a combined focus on the body, soul, and mind. I recognized the more holistic nature of yoga which helped me to develop a more positive approach to challenges in my life. I was hooked! Wherever I have traveled and lived in the world, yoga has been a constant presence.

Living in South East Asia further developed my appreciation of yoga through a deeper understanding of its rich cultural and spiritual foundations. The yoga community exists on all scales. Our personal experiences can be shared and explored throughout our life journeys as we continue to grow wherever we are in the world.

Lifelong learning is the mantra in education and the philosophy that underpins every aspect of my life. I have been an educator for a very long time and have seen the stressful ups and downs that are the norm in academic settings. Sharing our experiences and being supportive of one another is key to positive growth. Providing an inclusive space and opportunity to explore life challenges in a mindful way is fundamental to what is on offer at Mimi’s Yoga… for everyone.

Jenny (Co-Director)

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