Energizing and flowy, this class works your balance, strength and flexibility to provide a whole-body workout.

Please note that this is not a movement-based class. Gentle, restful, and oh-so nourishing, this class invites you to let go of stress and anxiety. You will be offered guided relaxation through  series of poses that you hold a bit longer than traditional asanas, giving you space to breathe and just be.

This class is all about making creative yoga shapes from the chair. We adapt traditional poses, both seated and standing, to work primarily on flexibility and balance utilizing a chair.

A slow-flow class, you will move mindfully through a series of shapes with a candle by your mat to help you get into a sunset flow.

Energizing and flowy, these classes will kickstart your weekend and provide you with a thorough workout.

In Nidra, you will be guided to focus your awareness on a series of energetic body points for ultimate relaxation. Meanwhile, the gong bath “baths” you in sound using the gong, crystal bowls & chimes.

A fun Yoga class for kids of ages 4-11 using movement, music and the Kidding Around Yoga (KAY) method.

The aim of this class is to activate your Kundalini or shakti energy thought to be located at the base of the spine through the 6 chakras in your body penetrating through to the 7th or crown chakra.

Dance moves and positive psychology to foster wellbeing and positive emotions.

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